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End to Procrastination

August 21, 2012 by gorgeousgreenhouse | 1 Comment

Hi Everyone.

I’ve been procrastinating for months about getting this blog started; boring to tears those nearest and dearest with my relentless obsession about our green project and my promises to ‘get the information out there’ must be wearing thin:  so time to get over this irrational, brain numbing, unexplainable, cold sweat inducing fear that confronts each and every time I click on my dashboard/theme options/widgets and endless other new techo jargonny places and possibilities…and just accept that it won’t be perfect (ha, is that a breakthrough?) and focus on the intention/outcome and trust that it will have greater value than the slipups I will make along the way.  Bear with me and hopefully with LOTS of constructive feedback you will let me know if my tech stuff is working but more importantly whether the info and my delivery is useful or not.

Please check out my ‘ABOUT’ button (top RH side alongside heading) for jaaa… stuff about the blog (apologies to the generation that were ‘plugged in’ from birth, some of us appreciate a little direction).

My current idea is to focus on one aspect of the greening project in each post, with nifty ‘CATAGORIZATION’ (RHS) for future reference rather than doing a sort of ‘life in the week’ thing which is obviously fascinating to my immediate circle of 8 but not necessarily to people who are actually interested in greening their own lives.

My first post will be about the architectural genius design of our beautiful home, so watch this space.  To sign up / ‘FOLLOW’ click on said button (small black button bottom RHS in the leaf border) and follow instruction to get notifications of new posts.