Gorgeous Green House

The Renovation Journey of a 1940’s ‘Traditional’ to 2015 ‘Contemporary, Green & Gorgeous’

Recycling Via Vandelism!!


Recycling is high on our list of priorities for our Gorgeous Green House but to have vandals to start the process for us  wasn’t quite what we had in mind!

They broke in:

Entry point

Ripped out the kitchen taps causing a minor flood:

Where kitchen taps used to be

Moved onto the second bathroom and attempted to remove the taps (and managed to create a second flood on the second floor)

Upstairs bathroom

Ripped out the old geyser which was made of copper which we were looking forward to upcycling into a planter

cavity that used to house geyser

And then continued to rip out bit of iron work and the like.

The joy’s of living in Africa.

Perhaps one should take a philosophical view .  It is recycling… pity the budget isn’t unlimited.

Reality is that if they come back and finish cleaning us out of the Oregon floor board, slate tiles etc that’s quite a lot of value that we can be putting back into the house.

Soooo in typical South African style we have hired security!

Now if we could just get our planning bureaucracy to pass our plans we could start the process properly ourselves.  What on earth can be the hold up one wonders??

p.s. The assault on the Gorgeous Green House was in fact our second break-in in  48hrs.  The vandals at our current home were definitely not recycling. at a stretch one could perhaps label it redistribution.  I know many would :-).  Thankfully no one has been hurt in either incident.


7 thoughts on “Recycling Via Vandelism!!

  1. Hi the Goreous Green House Gang, So sorry to hear your news. Ask St. Anthony to find you help, he’s very, very good and quick. All the best Lyn.

  2. Redistribution??? ……. or affirmative shopping!! So sorry it happened though!!!

  3. Thanks everyone for your empathy and support.

  4. So sorry to hear about the re-cycling by your thieves. Whilst I was cycling (not re-cycling) on the beachfront on Sunday I also had a disturbing incident. Stopping for a rest with my buddy, we were sitting on the low wall which seperates the beach from the promenade with bicycles on either side of us. Three young blacks sat down alongside my bicycle close to the back wheel and the pouch under the seat which had my wallet, cell phone and car keys. Out the corner of my eye, I saw him unzipping the pouch and when I stood up to grab him, they ran away.

  5. Hell Jane that is bad news. As you say lucky no-one was hurt, but it makes one feel like booby trapping one’s house!

  6. Ah, so sorry to hear that. Just so frustrating and annoying!!!

  7. OH what an awful invasion of your sacred spaces! Thankfully you are all safe.

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