Gorgeous Green House

The Renovation Journey of a 1940’s ‘Traditional’ to 2015 ‘Contemporary, Green & Gorgeous’

Recycling Crazy Paving


Common crazy paving or ‘slasto’

We are sending mountains of rubbish to our landfill, much of it unnecessarily. With our massive housing shortages in South Africa (sorry Zuma, not buying the ‘election speak’) building materials of all kind are especially valued.If on your DIY or restoration project you are just chucking your old ‘stuff’  into the rubbish ……there is an alternative! If you are feeling unmotivated to sell it or recycle/upcycle, find someone to give it away to.  You will be amazed at how valued those bits of wood, iron work, carpets, cabinets, sanware etc. are to many. Just get the word out in your neighbourhood and you won’t even have to do the dismantling!

OK, long winded start to the Crazy Paving bit. The word is out on my project so I’m farming out and fending off. The Crazy Paving which has long fallen out of fashion I thought would make great pathways through the garden. This is what I’ve just done:

1. Measured out pathway with sophisticated measuring instrument, logs either side

2. Set out the paving so the shapes are easy to see

3. Put about 5cm of soil down and had lots of fun playing puzzles.

Bonus pic of gorgeous Burchellia bubalina (small tree). Fantastic nectar plant for birds and butterflies and fruit for barbets, bulbuls, mousebirds and starlings. Larval food plant for 4 species of moths.

4. Filled in the gaps with more soil and in no time at all, garden path!


3 thoughts on “Recycling Crazy Paving

  1. Will definately let you know if I have any left over and hopefully this also spreads the word to others who may have some unwanted slasto they can pass on.

  2. Well done!

    A friend of mine is desperate for slasto to extend their patio, apparently it’s very scarce at the moment – if you know where to get some please let me know


  3. Hello Jane

    I’m so enjoying reading your regular updates along with the philosophy behind what you’re doing. ‘Gorgeous Green House’ really is a wonderful idea – thank you for taking us along with you, on your journey. I was also very interested to read about Greg and SteriTech – I hope they have the success that they deserve.

    Best regards


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