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Gigantic Radishes!

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Can you believe these beauties?

Veggie farming is great fun at the best of times but when you produce something like this what a great laugh.  I must confess I’ve probably left them a bit long but they are still really delicious.  Not quite as peppery as when small but many people would prefer that.  Really delicious lightly sautéed in a little butter and salt.

Comfrey plant

Radishes have to be one of the most rewarding crops;   they germinate from seed in 3 days and you harvest within 3 weeks.  They are really good fun to grow with kids who can lose interest in a carrot or potato that can take months. My radishes (actually all my veggies) are nurtured with worm wee and organic fertilizers.  In this instance Comfrey tea.  The easiest thing in the world to grow and make.  Just squish the leaves into a container (I use and old 5L product bottle), stick some holes in the lid (if you don’t it may explode) and leave in the sun to ferment.  Then dilute into your watering can about 1 – 20.

I’ve had a long-standing love affair with my worms so I won’t short change their PR in this post and will give them one on their own.  Suffice to say that their ‘wee’ is really leechate and once you’ve got over the squeamish bit they are fun, really easy to farm and really make a difference to the quality of your harvest.

Oh and  look at this beautiful Dietes bicolour.  The two beetles match with their yellow spots!  It must be very tasty in there as all the flowers in my clump had these beetles on.  If anyone knows anything about them please share.

Dietes bicolour plus matching beetles


One thought on “Gigantic Radishes!

  1. Hi Jane, Very nice radishes ! The comfrey, I’ve told you before I know, is very good for cancer. I think you make a tea of it.

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