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Induction Geysers: are they a green option if you have no sun?


induction geyserThe Gorgeous Green House outbuildings are in deep shade. Their distance from the main house means that running water from the solar geyser is not viable.  I’ve been looking into an induction geyser as an option just for the outbuilding.

How it Works

Using a magnetic induction process, the water is heated more rapidly than conventional water geysers.  The electrical supply to the generator in the unit is converted into a magnetic field which heats the water.   There is no direct alternating current (AC) in close proximity to the water, which makes the unit safe.  Quality unit includes a high density thermal insulation layer, to sustain the water temperature.  multiple protection measures usually in place: dry burn, overheat, low/high voltage, surge and overheat protection

Electrical Usage

  • To heat a conventional 150L geyser from 20’C to 65’C takes two and a half hours and uses approximately 7.8kw of electricity
  • To heat the same amount of water via an induction heater will take approximately 1 and a half hours and uses approximately 3kw of electricity
  • Operating cost Approximately 1/3 of the cost of a conventional geyser
    Substantial water saving due to location of the unit


  • Easy to install
  • Quick access to hot water
  • Only uses power while heating
  • Saves water
  • Saves electricity
  • Saves space
  • Exceptionally safe
  • Requires a 15 Amp wall plug – just plug in and switch on


  • The unit needs to be placed close to the are of use as heat will be quickly lost through the pipes.
  • If the unit is at a distance, water pressure will also be impacted


I need to purchase a 75L geyser as I will be operating a shower for one person everyday and a second shower for occasional visitors.  The cost is aprox. R6 000.00 ($700.00).  Much the same as a conventional geyser.

Looks like an easy decision to make!


11 thoughts on “Induction Geysers: are they a green option if you have no sun?

  1. Very interesting Thanks for this wonderful post

  2. Can an induction geyser be linked to a solar geyser? On less sunny days the solar geyser water can be heated up further by the induction geyser.

    “The unit needs to be placed close to the area of use as heat will be quickly lost through the pipes.” For a house with a granny flat, is it recommended to have separate induction heaters for both the house and the flat? If one only use one induction geyser, can a Redwater diverter be used at the furthest outlet.

    • Hi Christo. Thanks for visiting my blog. I don’t see why the two types of geysers couldn’t be your back up geyser I.e perhaps not to feed into the solar but to ‘cross ove’r as required. As far as the Redwater diverter is concerned, I’m sure a good plumber can do the job for you.

  3. Hi Tory. Is the under counter 5L poweree by electricity? Does it store hot water or heat as you need? If the latter would be a good option for taps that don’t need to draw a lot of hot water

  4. Thanks, Jane for another really interesting post. At present we have three geysers for three people! However the kitchen has an under counter 5l heater so does not tap into the main geysers. Very interested in your research here.

  5. Very interesting Jane. Keep up the good work. Here’s wishing you luck with the building etc., Lyn

  6. A very interesting post that I’m going to send on to a friend. Did you consider a gas geyser? I’m enjoying following you’re progress, best wishes! Jill

    • Thanks Jill. I did some limited research on gas geysers some time back but got put off by the fact that they are apparently quite noisy. As we in most of Durban also have to rotate gas canisters (I currently have a gas stove) I’m also wishing to avoid that hassle. Now that you mention it though, I think I should look a bit further into them to confirm that they are definately not a greener option.

  7. Why is ony one person showering per day? Are you and Greg, taking turns to have a dirty day , not good for the environment you know. Let me know when its Greg’s shower day so I can visit and have a beer with him.

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