Gorgeous Green House

The Renovation Journey of a 1940’s ‘Traditional’ to 2015 ‘Contemporary, Green & Gorgeous’

Celebration Time: Gorgeous Green House plans approved (at last!!)


champageThe Gorgeous Green House is one major step closer to reality. Our plans have at last been approved.  What a joyful moment this is.

It’s been 15 months of ‘referrals’ from council, 19 months since briefing the architect, and many years prior of dreaming of this project.

The ride is about to accelerate.  I can’t wait to feel the wind in my face.

Watch this space as the hiatus on posting is over and there is going to be lots to share!


10 thoughts on “Celebration Time: Gorgeous Green House plans approved (at last!!)

  1. Congratulations!

  2. What a relief! Congratulations!! Enjoy the ride!

  3. Congratulations!

  4. Great! Away in Mpumalanga now!! Love, Heather

  5. Oh, what wonderful news this is! I worried when all went quiet on the ‘Gorgeous Green House’ front, that everything had come to a complete standstill. So good luck, and I look forward to what follows next. Alison

  6. I am so happy for you all! Looking forward to hearing a blow by blow account!

  7. Yeah!!! May the worms breed and nurture your soils for beautiful flowers.

  8. Fantastic news Jane….guess I’d better start saving to attend the roof wetting! Much love Sandee

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