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Manage the Mozzies While Building


Turn you smelly old pool into a pond and attract wildlife like this beautiful Malachite Kingfisher

If you are renovating over several months and there is a pool on your property the odds are that within a short time it will turn into a mozzie infested swamp.  Not much fun being nibbled by these creatures and additionally the pool will be smelly and unpleasant to look at.

Paparus planted on the pool steps

Paparus planted on the pool steps

Why not turn it into a pond in the interim?  This healthy vibrant eco-system can be a lot more pleasant than the stagnant alternative.

Water Lilies

Water Lilies

I started by planting water plants in pots (gravel only) and positioning them on the pool steps.  Plants oxygenate and filter toxins in the water making it habitable.

I then added indigenous Tilapia.  These are the guys that eat the mosquito larvae.  The breed like rabbits so you really just need a few to start.  I’m hoping they get big enough to harvest.  Additional bonus!

Tilapia eat mozzie larvae

Tilapia eat mozzie larvae

This may not be the most beautiful pond you’ve ever seen, but even with the builder’s rubble that has ended up in it, it is a wonderful life affirming space, attracting visitors like the beautiful Kingfisher and this very entertaining family of Egyptian Geese.

Egyptian Geese Family

Egyptian Geese Family

Lots of fun too!


7 thoughts on “Manage the Mozzies While Building

  1. Just love all the tips. Love the beautiful pictures.

  2. Sounds fantastic. A great idea

  3. I hate mozzies I get at least twenty bites a day my body is so used to it they hardly itch. When I do yoga in the park I stick a fabric softener sheet in my pony tail. They hate the smell it keeps them away. Or lots of citronella. At least they have an annoying buzz and we can hear them coming.

  4. Wow i think it looks like a lot of fun…and i rather love your pond! looking for any mozzie management ideas for our house in Bangalore ..

  5. Wow, this is fascinating. You must be so enjoying all your new lodgers. Are you going to keep it as a pond, or will you revert to a swimming pool, once again, when everything’s done?


    • We will keep the pool but it is going to be much improved with the addition of reed beds filtering unwanted microbes. Because the plants do such a great job we won’t need to use any chemicals like chlorine and acid. We will be in a natural pool which we can share with the fish and other wildlife. The plants also oxygenate the water making it additionally comfortable to swim in. I can’t wait to share that process with everyone. There is an alternative to those red sore eyes in the swimming season!

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