Gorgeous Green House

The Renovation Journey of a 1940’s ‘Traditional’ to 2015 ‘Contemporary, Green & Gorgeous’

Photo Update


DSC00600The shuttering is off and a lot of the scaffolding is down. It’s really exciting to see the concrete in it’s ‘nearly finished’ state.  A light slurry and polish to come and it will be fabulous.  Very contemporary, very maintenance free, and although controversial in terms of being green, gets big points for it’s thermal properties  and longevity.

The column and portico entrance is looking a lot grander than expected!  I’m relieved that the outbuilding wall behind it is to become the vertical garden so all the harshness of the building will disappear into the green trees behind.

It’s wonderful to stand in the lounge/dinning area and seeDSC00594   how each section of windows presents a beautiful picture of lush shrubs and plants.  Come the humidity of Jan/Feb it will be an oasis of cool and peace. DSC00593

Check out the skylight in the middle of the lounge.  Above is the roof garden.  I’m planning to plant Aloe tenuoir around it so they can grow up the sides and be visible from below.

Aloe tenuoir


Plektranthus species, perfect for shady areas

While I’m on my favourite theme, part of the update must include the ever expanding nursery for the roof and vertical gardens.  After the plumbers vacuumed out my forest under-story in search of the sewage man-hole I’ve made the most of the bare soil to propogate five species of Plektranthus – one of the most valuable and beautiful shade loving species in this part of the world.

Plants for roof garden

Plants for roof garden

My current garden also has all available space filled with pots and containers. Look at this gorgeous yellow Arum Lilly, it will be an absolute joy on the roof garden.

Yellow Arum Lilly

Yellow Arum Lilly

I’ve linked up forest pathways.  Very satisfying to recycle the old slate and timber.

recycled slate path

recycled slate path

Thee roof beams are in with the roof to follow soon.  Very exciting to see the final shape of the building emerge!

Roof beams above master suite

Roof beams above master suite

12 thoughts on “Photo Update

  1. Is amazing, coming along so quickly. The garden sounds so interesting Jane, and that Lily is so beautiful. Enjoy the makings of it all Greg and Jane 🙂

  2. Looking forward to the end result

  3. Wow – very impressive 🙂 well done, exciting stuff!!

  4. Fantastic Jane and Greg, Well done. It will be absolutely unique I think. Congratulations for perservering. It will be worth all the effort.

  5. A big pat on the back for being so environmentally concerned and adventurous. A unique house!!.

  6. All thanks to our tenacious project manager!

  7. When are the Macaroons being invited for a site visit to the Gorgeous Green Hoos!

  8. Looking good!

    Mark Liptrot

    Afripack Central – Group Sustainability Manager

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