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Diapers/Disposable Nappies Help Your Plants Grow


These are really cool ideas.  Non-toxic, environmentally friendly and water wise:


8 thoughts on “Diapers/Disposable Nappies Help Your Plants Grow

  1. Oh my goodness… I can see we could start something here. What fun 🙂 Now I just need to make friends with people who have babies.

  2. Urea is great for the garden…. I am impressed! Most of the nappies just have wee, so would be great especially for the garden application~

  3. The only thing non bio-degradeable is the plastic backing the rest is celulose or wood pulp they are therefore mostly degradeable and even the plastic backing will break down if exposed to air and sunlight!

  4. I have to smile at the idea of disposable nappies being buried around the garden – not with digging dogs you can’t 🙂

  5. Any suggestions as to how this idea to could be used to recycle soiled disposable diapers – without creating a “Stink in a Pot Plant”?

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