Gorgeous Green House

The Renovation Journey of a 1940’s ‘Traditional’ to 2015 ‘Contemporary, Green & Gorgeous’

Final Indoor Space all Greened Up!


Since moving into the Gorgeous Green House our son has had a metaphorical ‘NO ENTRY’ sign on his door.  All appeals to decorate have been declined except for reluctant access to the bathroom with a thumbs up for a grey/black colour scheme.

I got mosaicing, moving as quickly as possible, as mom’s presence in boys bedroom was desirable to neither of us!DSC02505


I’m of the firm belief that the definition of ‘living green’ includes the expression of all of the parts of ourselves, including the creativity that we all have (even if we haven’t accessed it yet!). My daughter is especially talented with a paint brush and has been itching to be let loose on her brother’s walls.

The next process began with with energetic calculations and measuring.  DSC02496I hotfooted out of the way as geometry and algebra are but faint blips in my memory banks but was thrilled to see the sibling collaboration.

The grey/black/white theme has been extended with glorious chunks of green.DSC02497

Peter’s personality is expressed through the addition of his butterfly prints from our friend and leading lepidopterist Steve Woodhall, the mosiaced horns and a specially constructed (by Peter) display cabinet for his precious crystal and fossil collection.

DSC02535DSC02538The final result it quite spectacular. These images really don’t do justice to how dramatic and beautiful it is.  I hope a space to draw my university student son home as much as possible.



4 thoughts on “Final Indoor Space all Greened Up!

  1. Peter’s room is a gorgeous addition to the Gorgeous Green House… Pats on the back to all concerned. Love Coral

  2. To the GORGEOUS GREEN HOUSE FAMILY – congratulations to you all for this magnificent effort on Peter’s room. Absolutely stunning.

  3. Shu! What an amazing haven you’ve created for yourself, Pete. I am seriously impressed.

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