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A Case For Investing in Solar Energy: East Coast Radio Interview


ECREast Coast Radio are running a wonderful series on sustainability and eco issues with Kerry Dell. It is aired on Wednesdays at 09:00 pm.  I was included to share our experiences around investing in Solar Energy.  My intention is to help people think about this investment in a broader context,  which includes the ROI!  Here is the link:




6 thoughts on “A Case For Investing in Solar Energy: East Coast Radio Interview

    • Another interesting, and thought-provoking article on solar. Leads me to think that Eskom is wildly over-estimating demand for expensive electricity, and that it’s plans for more and more coal-fired and nuclear power stations are insane at a Dr Stranglove level.


      • Thanks Peter for sharing this link. It is a well laid out article that explains the complexities around the importance of maintaining a healthy grid whilst advancing our technologies to support renewables. As prices come down, demand will naturally increase. There will also be increased pressure on our authorities to implement tariffs for feeding excess electricity into the grid. If Cape Town and most of the first world can get it right there are enough models for us to draw on. There should be no more excuses!

  1. Here is a really good reason to go solar!

    Great graph showing Eskom’s price increases compared to inflation.

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