Gorgeous Green House

The Renovation Journey of a 1940’s ‘Traditional’ to 2015 ‘Contemporary, Green & Gorgeous’

GGH in the running for AfriSam-SAIA Award for Sustainable Architure



headingIt is very exciting to announce that we have been shortlisted to a group of 5 in the ‘House’ Category for the AfrisSam-SAIA Sustainable Architecture Award.  Of course the award goes to our Architects Sengelli and Associates if ‘we’ win but we will be happy to take some credit for the project coming to life!  Its really exciting to see how consciousness of the importance of building in a more sustainable way is growing and awards like this can contribute to incentivising all who participate in this sector.


Barn-house has also been shortlisted

Judging Criteria

Judges look at three main criteria that entries must demonstrate. These are:

  • Regeneration
  • Reconciliation
  • Restoration

Project entries are required to demonstrate how they make the world a better place by minimizing the environmental impact of building. The projects are also required to bear the hallmarks of great architectural or social design. Entries are submitted under two categories, one for built work and the other for works of social importance, including research.

Here is the the full range of entries


Friday morning at about 7:05 South Africa time I will be interviewed on the the national morning show Expresso.  Eeks, its one thing to partake in a film where you can re-shoot any mumbling or lame moments.  Live TV is a terrifying prospect.  Send me all your positive energy please!!

The awards are to be announced tomorrow evening October 27.  Watch this space.

8 thoughts on “GGH in the running for AfriSam-SAIA Award for Sustainable Architure

  1. Well done Jane and Greg! A wonderful example to us all. Holding thumbs for you. xxx

  2. Good luck . Hope all goes well Phil

  3. Well done GGH I hope all your hard work pays off. Good luck.

    LYN Lynette Smith

  4. Oh how very exciting, Jane ~ lots and lots of good luck to you. I’ve heard you speak on many occasions so I know that you’ll sail through your television interview!

  5. Am so excited for you all!!! Will be watching my tv at 7,00 am and cheering you on! Certain it will be a 1st prize for the Gorgeous Green House, really am keeping my fingers crossed. Lots of love and luck J

    Kind Regards Julia

  6. Well done!!

    Mark Liptrot
    Sustainability Manager
    Constantia Afripack

  7. Hi Jane

    Wishing you the best of luck for this



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