Gorgeous Green House

The Renovation Journey of a 1940’s ‘Traditional’ to 2015 ‘Contemporary, Green & Gorgeous’

We Won!!


gghggh_email_signatureCongratualtions to Chen Segnelli and the team on winning the AfrisSam-SAIA Sustainable Architecture Award.  Awards are wonderful for recognizing achievement but they also generate further media interest which keeps increasing our awareness and consciousness of the importance of building with more thought and sensitivity.  Come on everyone, what about thinking about your Christmas bonus and investing in just one thing that can make a difference to the way you live and is kind to our struggling planet. Thank you to all the friends and blog followers who have supported and sustained us on this journey!






7 thoughts on “We Won!!

  1. Well done to all involved in acting so successfully on such an important aspect of life today that is overlooked by so many!

  2. Ha ha, I’m not surprised that you won Jane and Greg, I thought you would all along!! 🙂 You have done an amazing job, congratulations!! Keep up the good work of spreading the idea of organic living for a healthier world!!

  3. Well done Jane and Greg ! Thank you for your vision and creating awareness in saving this planet!

  4. Wonderful news! Congratulations to everyone who was involved in the awesome project ~ very well done.

  5. Congratulations Jane and Greg! It’s a fitting reward for a job well done.

  6. Congrats!

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    Mark Liptrot
    Sustainability Manager
    Constantia Afripack

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