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Concrete Log Idiocy!

I was watching a gardening programme on TV last night and the presenter was showing viewers how to make their own concrete logs.

Now I ask you with tears in my eyes why on earth would anyone want a concrete log in their garden? We were encouraged to get hold of a log, cover it in silicone which becomes the mould that you then press onto a concrete ‘sausage’ to aproximate a log.  The result was not very effective.

So lets unpack this.  One starts with a real log and and uses it to make something that looks sort of the same – but not really


one could, with that same log:

Log beginning to rot and growing moss

allow nature to take its course so beautiful mosses and fungi can grow.

Termites feasting

Termites and other insects can then begin to devour the log and birds and other wildlife will be attracted into your garden to feast on them.

Black Collared Barbet

Olive Woodpecker

If you are very lucky (but only if you absolutely  NEVER use pesticides) you may even encourage these gorgeous chameleons into your garden.

Black Headed Dwarf chameleon

I know I will have arrived as a  gardener when my garden’s health and vibrancy creates a home for these delicate and highly endangered creatures.

Or then again – I can put something that sort of looks like log… sorry, can’t even finish that sentence!

mmm…wonder how much the concrete company paid for that insert?