Gorgeous Green House

The Renovation Journey of a 1940’s ‘Traditional’ to 2015 ‘Contemporary, Green & Gorgeous’


Gorgeous Green House Covered by Papers Nationally


It has been a fantastic week of media exposure for the Gorgeous Green House. Lindsay Ord has written up our story and shows how living green can be much more accessible than many people realize.  If you missed the article in your local paper you can see the online IOL version HERE.

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Daily News Covers The Gorgeous Green House


Today the Daily News published the third article on the most Gorgeous Green House on the planet!

Click HERE to read the on line version.

Thank you Lindsay Ord and Marilyn Bernard for getting this information to a wider audience. Fingers crossed it will inspire and motivate others to look at some greening options in their own home.


Gorgeous Green House Goes Mainstream Media!

daily_newsNews Flash!  

Gorgeous Green House has gone mainstream media.

Lindsey Ord from the Daily News is covering our progress and a series of articles are planned.  Please go to  http://www.iol.co.za/dailynews/lifestyle/the-green-house-effect-1.1530307#.UcmME_lTDiw  for the on-line version of the first.

So exciting to be getting all this good green info out there. Thanks Lindsey for helping us get to a wider audience.